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Marina Facilities:

Electric, water and refuse

Castlebay Marina has 240 v electrical hookup connections and fresh water connections.

There is also refuse disposal.  Please sort your waste so it can be recycled.  The categories are:-

Glass, Plastic/Tin, Paper, Residual

Waste disposal is expensive, so waste from commercial visiting cruise ships will be charged.

£1 per sack/box of sorted recycling

£2 per sack of residual waste  


Marina Facilities:

Toilets, Showers & Laundry

The Marina has a modern, bright and clean shower and toilet facilities.

It consists of ladies, gents and a disabled toilet.

There is also a washing machine and tumble dryer facilities within the block.


Marina Facilities:

Electric Bikes

New for 2023

Four electric bikes available for hire

More news on this coming soon.

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