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Updated: May 14

It is lovely to see all the visitors using Castlebay Marina and we are getting busier with boats from all over the world.

Since we have taken over the management at the Marina, we have been occupied with catching up with all the maintenance that was needed. This process is still ongoing.

The facilities block has been washed and oiled on the outside and on the inside hooks, shelves, extra mirrors, benches etc... have been added.

Water is now available throughout the Marina and we are currently waiting on parts to get re-establish the electricity connection out to the breakwater. It is working on the pontoons. We have all the parts for the WiFi so that should be up and running soon. Wifi is currently available around the facilities block.

We have just bought two trolleys to help transport goods up and down the Marina. We have a lovely new noticeboard and some planters that the work experience pupils made up.

We are working on making improvements to the parking, signage and to have some benches for both members of the community and visitors to use and take in the spectacular views of Castlebay and Kisimul Castle as well as the activity in the bay. If you would like to donate to help us with these projects that would be very much appreciated.

Castlebay Marina is community owned and now managed by Bùth Bharraigh, our community shop and visitor hub. Money generated at the marina goes directly into improving local facilities.


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