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Under new management

Barra and Vatersay Community Ltd (CBAB) & Bùth Bharraigh are delighted to announce they are entering a mutually beneficial partnership to enhance the islands tourism sector.

Panoramic View of Castlebay from the Marina Slip
Panoramic View of Castlebay from the Marina Slip

Buth Bharraigh already provides a visitor information service including accommodation finder service and other services. This service helps boost the local economy and helps visitors to the island as well as local businesses. The Visitor Information Service, which has to date been mainly funded by the Bùth, needs support so that this vital service may continue.

To provide this support, the operation of the Castlebay Marina will now be fully managed through this service. Over the past few months there has been a revision of the Marina operation and there is a need for it to generate significantly more income. The staff skills, experience and contacts within the Visitor Information Service will immediately provide social media visibility, advertising, bookings & payment facilities for the operation with the added access hours while Buth is open during both during the season as well as out of season.

To celebrate this new partnership and while everything is getting up and running there will be a 20% discount for users to 30th April.

Both organisations are looking forward to working together in this partnership and also looking forward to a busy season on the Marina.


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1 Comment

Sounds interesting, is Peter B involved?

Do look at some transport operators who have some clever integration of commercial & charity operations to deliver mutual support

All sounds exciting

Thoiughts on the very fast ferry offering that the enclosed cabin 40kt RIB's might deliver, for those who have planned their transport to get their wheels when the ferry docks

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